Collection: Hydrosol

    What is a Hydrosol?

    A Hydrosol (also known as flower water) is the scented water produced in the steam distillation of a particular plant. Hydrosols contain minute suspensions of essential oils and water-soluble components obtained through distillation of plants during the essential oil making process. They contain many of the properties of essential oils but in a gentler form.

    Uses of hydrosols:

    • Facial toner or mist spray
    • Facial steams
    • Body spray
    • Air and fabric freshener
    • Cooling and anti-inflammatory spray
    • Soothing spray for sunburn, rashes and insect bites
    • Bath soak
    • Natural Wet Wipe


    They are an excellent alternative to essential oils in an aqueous product or when needing a very gentle alternative.

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