The global move to “Small Batch Cosmetic Production”

    There is a global move away from mass produced cosmetic products and embracing “Small Batch Products.”
    So what, exactly, does small batch mean?
    Producers of small batch cosmetics create products in smaller batches to provide the safest, freshest cosmetic products. This freshness allows for the active ingredients to be at their most potent and therefore most effective. The customer receives a product that has undergone scrupulous human quality control but also a lot of love, care and attention.
    Mass produced cosmetic products are created in huge quantities and then stored in warehouses for months and often even years before they reach the consumer. This necessitates the use of very strong (and potentially harmful) preservatives, as well as mineral oils (petrolatum products) that do not oxidise and decay over time, like plant oils may do.
    Further key benefits of Small Batch Cosmetics are:
    • They are more sustainable and eco-friendly
    Mass production assembly lines need large amounts of raw materials and labour to churn out finished products, often with large wastage. Labour is also often outsourced to other countries where low wages are allowed.
    • You get to buy from people
    Most of the time you will be buying directly from the owner and creator of the business, and you can see their personality and story come through in their products.
    • Relationships grow
    Because you get to buy from people instead of faceless brands, there’s much more room for relationships and human interaction to happen.
    • You Support Local Businesses
    You are supporting someone’s local business and passion.
    • Better Quality
    Handcrafters care about the quality of ingredients or materials they use. They might source organic ingredients or buy raw materials from other small business owners, continuing the cycle of sustainability.
    • You benefit from someone’s passion
    Many handcrafted businesses are born out of someone’s passion.
    There’s a huge difference between something handmade with care and passion and something mass produced by machines. It makes you feel good about the products you’re buying.
    In the end, buying small and handcrafted supports our communities and our connectivity. It allows us to buy with purpose and to receive meaningfully made products in return. It’s all about the people: both on the making and the receiving end.
    Moya Essentials embraces this move to "Small Batch" production! Our natural botanical products are created in small batches with the freshest botanical extracts - inspired by what nature offers.
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