Facial Care and Breakouts

    Do you suffer from skin-breakouts?
    We are all familiar with getting breakouts, from just the occasional pimple to red angry eruptions that drain our confidence and want to make us hide away.
    You have probably tried so many products that leave your skin feeling dry and flaky in an attempt to rid it of oiliness. It has now been shown that harsh, drying products may actually increase oiliness on your skin, as it tries to compensate for the oil stripped from it.
    Facial Care and Breakouts
    There are amazing natural botanical alternatives to harsh chemical products.
    Jojoba helps to regulate sebum production whilst nourishing and healing your skin. Calendula is healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, as is aloe.
    A key ingredient is White Willow bark extract containing salicin – a natural form of salicylic acid – incredibly effective for all forms of acne.
    Essential oils like Tea Tree and Lemongrass also help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin, and leave it feeling clean and clear.
    We have formulated a Breakout Control Spray using these special natural ingredients in a convenient spray that can be used daily.
    The feedback we have received has been incredible!
    “this spray has changed my life!”
    “after spending thousands on doctors and products, this has been the most effective product I have used”
    “works really well. I have less breakouts since using this and when it happens it heals faster”
    For further information and to shop online, please visit our website www.moyaessentials.com or contact us to shop and collect locally in FishHoek.
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